Posted by: James Askew
Director of Product Development on Wed 12 Apr

Today we launched the latest update to KBProfessional, version 1.7.0 brings new security updates, enterprise access features, along with bug fixes and performance improvements

Security Update

As part of our drive towards continuous improvement, and with cyber security becoming ever more important we have worked hard to bring a raft of security improvements to KBProfessional.

To ensure all users password integrity we are also requiring that all users follow stricter guidelines on passwords based on OWASP recommendations, and as such all KBProfessional users will be resetting their passwords to access the new update.

“Keep control of access and authorization. It may sound irrelevant but the biggest threat to the security of the entire system, depends on integrity of all access points. Proper management of individual passwords is the first step to ensure a successful cyber security strategy.” (Singer & Friedman 2014)

As part of our enterprise package we are also monitoring a continuously-updated collection of breached credentials, with hundreds of millions of entries. All password-based login or signup attempts are checked against this database, and any matches with KBProfessional users are blocked in real-time. With users being alerted that their details have been found, so they can mitigate any further issues where they have used those same credentials on other services.

Enterprise access management

KBProfessional now supports multiple enterprise single sign-on solutions enabling your users to login to KBProfessional using enterprise federation by connecting logins to your system via Active Directory, SAML, Ping, LDAP, Azure and Google Apps.

If you are interested in upgrading to our enterprise offering, please contact us.

Cybersecurity Innovation Programme

Following on from the success of our internal edge and engine innovation programmes, we are starting a new programme focussing on leading cybersecurity change across the organisation and driving awareness that it crucially needs to be on every employee’s agenda.

“A security strategy needs to move beyond mere technological upgrade and engage people at all level, understanding how to use networks in compromised environments” (De Bruijn & Janssen 2017, Leuprecht et al. 2016).

If you want to find out more about the Cybersecurity innovation programme please contact us.


All KBProfessional users will need to reset their passwords to access the new update

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