Key Benefits and ROI

Action plans for innovation, every month

KnowledgeBrief Innovation Programmes deliver rapid stimulation of new ideas that can be enacted quickly

Performance Improvement

Over 90% of clients take away new ideas to improve performance

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Performance Improvement

There are many proven cases where new revenue generating and cost saving ideas have been produced and implemented by major blue chip organisations.

More Benefits

From KnowledgeBrief Innovation Progammes

Personal Development

70% say taking part is a good route to personal development

Productivity Development

Over 70% have developed new productivity improvement ideas through the programme

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Productivity Development

Saves Time

More than 65% of clients say taking part saves them time

Team Development

65% regularly access good inputs for team development

Saves Time
Team Development

Competitive advantage

Most clients say the programme equips them to stay ahead of the competition

Revenue generation

One in three organisations have found new ideas to generate revenue

Save money

Over half say the programme has helped them to save money over the course of their participation

“The wide ranging subjects on key business areas has been really beneficial and challenged the way in which our organisation approaches certain subject areas”

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Case Studies

Clients transforming their management and leadership with KnowledgeBrief

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  • Apply the latest ideas
  • Proven Return on Investment
  • Proprietary education tools
  • Unique content for leaders
  • Leading Speakers
  • Impact for individuals and teams
  • Accredited by CMI
  • Advanced management platform
  • Designed for professionals
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