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From our Innovation Programmes

How to Develop the Climate for Innovation

When looking to embed high performance and change, and improve areas such as creativity and innovation, there are important distinctions for leaders to make between climate and culture.

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Leading Digital Transformation

Researchers from London Business School emphasise the significance, especially for established firms, of developing a new digital mindset to stay competitive. They describe it as a ‘fast/forward’ mindset. Fast, in this context, means alert, agile, experimental and capable of decisive action. Forward means proactive and searching, and it also means seeking to create a meaningful connection with customers and other business partners.

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Innovation Forecast: Are we prepared for M2M?

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications refer to autonomous communication between devices or machines. Advances in these areas are well underway, and they bring major new and different leadership and management challenges.

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Crowdsource Innovation: New Tools to Leverage the Wisdom of Crowds

Although open innovation can help companies tackle complex business problems that they can’t solve on their own, pushing problems to a vast group of strangers can seem risky to many managers. But excluding crowdsourcing from the corporate innovation tool kit could mean losing a great opportunity.

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