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Monthly Research

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Recent Business Research Hot Topics

From our Innovation Programmes

Solve the Collaboration Conundrum

Technology has revolutionised our workplace, offering increasing options and freedom for people as to how, where and when they work. Providing your employees with more control over the ways that they do their work can have beneficial effects. The dilemma is, however, the more choices that we give employees, the higher the risk of fragmentation. Individual levels of productivity may go up but cohesion and trust between employees and teams goes down.

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Understand the 21st Century Customer

In Spring 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, which empowers EU citizens to move all the data they have at various providers, for example at Amazon, Vodafone, etc., to one place and ask other providers to erase their data. Companies will no longer get away with merely providing a binary yes-or-no consent at the initial point of collection and to ensure information exchange, companies must come up with new ways to do business with their customers.

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Turn Ideas into Reality

Despite the increasing need for innovation, many organisations still struggle with the challenges of both generating creative solutions and being able to put them into practice. This Hot Topic research focuses on how to make sure your activities or processes are successfully realised, introducing a simple exercise to better free up resources, and provide you with a checklist to get the innovation governance responsibilities right.

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Brain of a 21C Leader

To change people’s mindset and way of thinking, you have to engage with the most complex system in nature – the brain. The EY Edge journey will continue as an exploration of the brain behind thinking, motivations and purpose and how to achieve highest performing teams and a better working world.

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