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Recent Business Research Hot Topics

From our Innovation Programmes

Develop Organisational Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship represents the capacity to create, develop, organise and ultimately manage a successful business. Whilst the term has become widely synonymous with the development of new and emergent business ideas, entrepreneurship is also a process which can be utilised to enhance processes within the structures of existing organisations.

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Overcome Wicked Problems

The ability to successfully identify, confront and overcome problems within the workplace presents a key facet of effective organisational functioning. However, work-related problems (and their root cause) can often be unique, unfamiliar and thus difficult to navigate. Consequently, we find ourselves in a position whereby organisations are continually required to adapt and engage in new and innovate ways of thinking in an effort to find positive solutions to these “wicked problems”.

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Apply Performance Psychology in the Workplace

Sport and performance psychology has received a growing interest, not only in the sporting world, but also in the world of business. Many of the psychological attributes required for an athlete or team to excel in sport have been regarded as similar to those exhibited in individuals and teams who tend to excel in the workplace. We hope this Hot Topic will capture your interest and get you thinking about how you can harness the power of performance psychology to enhance your own working practices

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Digital in Healthcare

Whilst some remain reluctant toward change or fear the prospect of having to embrace ever evolving technological advancements, there is little denying that digital technologies represent a promising avenue for future professional innovation. If used effectively, digital technologies could play a key role in enhancing the quality and proficiency within the healthcare sector. As such, we hope this Hot Topic will capture your interest regarding how digital technologies may help revolutionise curren

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