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From our Innovation Programmes

Influence Challenging Stakeholders

As our business and role progresses, we often have the possibility to meet and work with different people, organisations and stakeholders. This allows us to explore different skills around communication and negotiation, and to benefit from new relationships with other parties. Although we all wish these relationships were ideal, we can find ourselves working with difficult clients and stakeholders. If this is the case, how can we best work with our stakeholders to bring out the best outcomes?

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Timeless Leadership Advice

Throughout history, priests, academics, sages and wisemen have advised leaders on how to lead. How to wield power, conduct yourself with dignity, and inspire love or dread in your people: all these questions have been answered in different ways across the centuries.

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Explore the Hidden Emotions of Leaders

In the 21st century, organisations, possessed by the culture of high performance and continuous improvement, sometimes push employees to behave like top rational achievers, while forgetting about their inner emotional labyrinths. Research suggests that individuals with high emotional intelligence display better social relationships, performance, negotiation skills, and are generally more content with their life.

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Develop Organisational Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship represents the capacity to create, develop, organise and ultimately manage a successful business. Whilst the term has become widely synonymous with the development of new and emergent business ideas, entrepreneurship is also a process which can be utilised to enhance processes within the structures of existing organisations.

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