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January 2019 L5 Apprenticeship Issue Business SCAN

A large portion of our lives is spent communicating with others. Sharing thoughts and feelings are essential skills for functioning at work and in society. But how effective are you at communicating and how can we sometimes get it wrong? Exploring this core theme on Communication will help you to understand your own communication styles and use theory to evaluate where different styles may be most effective.


Key techniques: Developing your skills and behaviours

Attribution Theory
Attribution theory gives managers and employees an essential perspective on understanding the behaviour of others. The concept explains the types of mistakes we make in understanding others; details the strengths and drawbacks of the theory; and describes how the theory can be successfully applied and measured in practice.

Action point: Use attribution theory to explain the behaviour of three people that you recently observed at work.

Transformational Leadership
The concept outlines core ‘constants’ that can be used to develop effective leadership within the organisation and describes the principles that underpin transformational leadership. The concept will give you an understanding of how to adopt this approach in any organisational setting.

Action point: Describe the key actions and behaviours of the person that you’ve experienced as your transformational leader.

Action Point

Read these techniques to develop the skills and behaviours you need to develop your communication style.

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