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Your online home for leadership and management development. Rated best-in-class apprenticeship learning platform.

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A superior learning experience

KBPro is the all-in-one leadership and management solution. Great content, inspiring experience, truly personalised learning journey.

Better learning tools

Learners consistently rate KBPro 4.5/5 for course guidance, accessibility and ease of use

All in one place

All learning resources, workshop participation and portfolio management in one place

Learning on demand

Study in bite sized chunks, on any device, in synch with your role at work

Stretch yourself

Huge library of foundations and advanced knowledge, to really get the most from your course

Get Inspired
Business Knowledge

Techniques 500+

Providing business school-in-brief knowledge, relevant to individual learners, in bite-sized chunks - Techniques focus on the 'how to' of the key concepts all management professionals need today.

Business Knowledge

Research 100+

Access to the latest innovations in business thinking and practice, with checklists and brief exercises to focus action.

Business Knowledge

Ideas 2000+

Tap into the latest ideas and new advice from the experts in leadership and management innovation, filtered from the world's best sources.


Tailor KBPro for your business

Make KBPro the home for your in-house Leadership and Management Academy.

Content and courses are mapped and adapted to meet the needs of your people, and corporate values and goals - the Connected Learning experience.

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Manage your learning journey

KBPro adapts and responds to your personal progress, recommending next steps and targetting milestones to assure success, on time.

Real time, on-demand progress reporting for individuals and cohorts is standard.

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Trusted by over 70 organisations

1000+ people are already learning with KnowledgeBrief

"My Apprenticeship through Wiltshire Council with KnowledgeBrief has enabled me to have a wider understanding of management principles. The guidance given was invaluable to enable me to obtain my chartered management qualification with Distinction."

"Throughout the course, I was guided and supported by skilled Personal Learning Advisors and attended informative workshops. By gaining my CMI qualification in leadership & management, I have been able to advance my career to the next level in management."

"They are incredibly easy to work with and focus entirely on what’s required for success in your organisation and for your employees."

"I would recommend KnowledgeBrief to any organisation looking for impactful leadership and management training. "

"In every aspect of our relationship with KnowledgeBrief, from sales to accounts and the Professional Learning Advisors, we encounter passionate and engaged people."

"The benefits the programme brings to you in your role, and throughout the organisation are incredibly valuable. I would recommend the Level 5 to anyone in a management or leadership position."

"It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your Leadership or Management career, a Level 3 or 5 course will make you a better leader."

"I recommend anyone who is in a management or leadership role to take the course. It’s both challenging and rewarding and can only augment your existing knowledge and skills. You will grow as a leader if you take this course."

"The Professional Learning Advisors who are our learners’ main point of contact are delightful, always happy to help, engaging and provide the right level of support and advice to ensure their success."

"Working with KnowledgeBrief is brilliant, it’s a true partnership approach."

Equip your employees with the skills to increase results

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