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Benefit from the best of current business school knowledge endorsed by professional bodies. Designed in formats to accelerate learning and focus on business application for results in the workplace. Earn CMI qualifications, manage your CPD, and access cutting edge research

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Content tailored and mapped to your company’s business objectives

Our content is designed to enable management teams to easily access the latest trends and developments as well as established best practices to help them deliver high impact innovation in their businesses.

KBPro aligns an individual’s progress and learning experience to key personal and business objectives, ensuring leaders and managers aquire the most effective knowledge and resources within their learning journey.

Keep track of every aspect of your learning journey

KBPro enables you to work your way through leadership and management courses and apprenticeships as well as manage your professional development (CPD) all in one place.

Easily follow your progress through learning cycles, study units, activity requirements and results for constant monitoring of your individual and organisational learning in real time.

Collective learning;
Collective intelligence

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Integrated workshop attendance

Build your own knowledge base by choosing and attending workshops that support your objectives.

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Build and share knowledge collectively

Improve integration and team cohesiveness by learning from the collective intelligence of your staff on key topics.

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Benefit from the latest news and insights

Stay in tune with the latest in the world of business and innovation through carefully selected sources from around the world.

Equip your staff for success today

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