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17th January

Use Networks to Increase Capability: Today’s organisations need systems to support adaptability and fluidity that promote innovation, collaboration and engagement. Find out how to improve your individual and organisational network capability, to maximise access to diverse knowledge, personal support and career development, as well as understand the barriers to knowledge flow, collaboration and learning.

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Change People’s Minds Without the Facts

6th December

How often have you presented an argument – backed up facts, figures and robust research – but have failed to convince people? The evidence should speak for itself, right? The simple answer is that facts and rational arguments really aren’t very good at altering people’s beliefs. At December’s Leaders’ Lunch, we will welcome Professor of Science Communication, Mark Lorch, to explain how our brains are just too prone in adopting short cuts in the decision-making process to be persuaded by mere facts, and how you can use these short cuts to make your point really compelling.

Solve the Collaboration Conundrum

8th November

Technology has revolutionised our workplace, offering increasing options for people as to how, where and when they work. Providing your employees with more control over the ways that they do their work can have beneficial effects. The dilemma is the more choices that we give employees, the higher the risk of fragmentation. Organisations with lots of virtual workers may find that individual levels of productivity may go up but cohesion and trust between employees goes down.

Understand the 21st Century Customer

11th October

The trade-off between organisation and customer is turning upside down. Customers are thinking ‘my data belongs to me’ and they are exercising choice and control with the information they provide in very new ways. With the rules of the game shifting, October’s Innovation Day will explore how organisations, in all sectors, can prepare and prosper in the personal data economy.

Harness Your Employees’ Knowledge and Intuition

13th September

We say that our most valuable asset is the knowledge of our employees. However, organisations can often become too focused on using data to create insight and unintentionally miss out on the intuitive insights and judgements of their best managers and experts. This Innovation Day is about getting the best of both worlds: analysing data where appropriate (Smart) and using intuition of experts when that is more promising (Art), as well as how the two can help one another (SmArt). We are not always the calculating man, we are also sometimes ‘homo ludens’, the playing man. Our imagination can be more important than our analysis.

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