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13th March

Unpack your Leadership Style: It is easy to forget that teams are different and people are different. As leaders we tend to keep to the leadership style we are comfortable with or which has worked for us in the past. Many leaders remain locked into a single style of behaviour adopted over years of experience. But in fact, to get effective results, for our teams and organisation, leaders need to make a conscious decision to manage their own behaviour and adapt their style to the person or process they wish to influence. In this session, Prof Victor Newman will give you tools to identify your dominant leadership style and explore how to match your styles to the needs of the people you wish to influence.

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Be a Leader People Want to Follow

13th February

Would you define yourself as inspiring, fair-minded, ambitious, honest and competent? We look for special qualities in those we choose to follow as our leaders. Leadership is personal: it's about you. If people don't believe in the messenger, they won't believe the message. A credible leader is a leader who understands that they are not an island and that their effectiveness depends on the willing commitment of their followers. At this Innovation Day, Andy Wilkins will talk about the attributes of inspiring leaders and explore what it takes to create inspired followers.

Influence Challenging Stakeholders

16th January

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like your project had unintentionally turned into a gladiatorial arena? Maybe you’re dealing with a stakeholder who has a difficult personality or contradicting goals. Difficult stakeholders can cause apathy, mild resistance or outright hostility, all of which cause varying degrees of discomfort and stress. During this session, Dr Christine Unterhitzenberger will present the factors which create difficult situations and explore how we can effectively deal with them. The Innovation Day will help develop various coping strategies in order to deal with difficult situations and overcome their impact.

Timeless Leadership Advice

5th December

Throughout history, priests, academics, sages and wisemen have advised leaders on how to lead. How to wield power, conduct yourself with dignity, and inspire love or dread in your people: all these questions have been answered in different ways across the centuries. In this talk, Dr Tom O’Donnell, Head of the Professional Learning Team at KnowledgeBrief, will trace the emergence of leadership advice literature in Western Europe - noting what has changed, and the advice that remains timeless.

Develop Organisational Creativity and Entrepreneurship

10th October

This Innovation Day will explore how organisations have successfully tried (or spectacularly failed) to innovate through their people and will explore the core elements which enable and restrain innovation and entrepreneurship in the organisation. Dr Richard Tunstall, from Leeds University Business School, will introduce and give an overview of social theories of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, which is gaining traction as a way to understand how people drive and restrain innovation.

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