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Next Innovation Research Group

10th October

Develop Organisational Creativity and Entrepreneurship: This Innovation Day will explore how organisations have successfully tried (or spectacularly failed) to innovate through their people and will explore the core elements which enable and restrain innovation and entrepreneurship in the organisation. Dr Richard Tunstall, from Leeds University Business School, will introduce and give an overview of social theories of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, which is gaining traction as a way to understand how people drive and restrain innovation.

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Find Creative Solutions to Wicked Problems

12th September

How can we prepare best for unexpected events which occur in the workplace? With continued technological and interactive advancements, we find ourselves in an advantageous position whereby we are able to utilise new and innovative resources to help us to overcome a multitude of work related issues. Through finding creative solutions to these “wicked problems” we can deal more effectively and proactively to the diverse and often unpredictable nature of modern working practices. Join the next Innovation Day to explore new research from Dr Martin Rich, course director for the BSc in Business Management at Cass Business School.

Apply Performance Psychology in the Workplace

8th August

Whether you are an elite athlete, CEO or salesperson, we are all performers, who strive to reach our full potential. Recently, research and practices from sport and performance psychology have been increasingly implemented within broader domains, including business and corporate settings. Join the next Innovation Day to explore new research from Dan Sly, Canterbury Christ Church University, and to discover how sport and performance psychology practices can be transferred into the workplace.

Learning to Learn

11th July

Learning is not compulsory; neither is innovation, leadership, growth, resilience and relevance. Learning and learning to learn requires conscious effort and, in today’s busy world, learning is often one of those areas that gets squeezed out. But research shows that relentless learning is important for sustainability, staying relevant and building resilience. Join the next Innovation Day to explore new research from Andy Wilkins, Cass Business School, and to discover how to develop your own and your organisation’s learning capabilities.

Translate Problems into Goals to Deliver Results

9th May

Having the confidence to turn problems into achievable goals can sometimes derail a team into finding much-needed innovative solutions. Explore new research from Prof Victor Newman, University of Greenwich, and learn how to rapidly rethink problems through a simple creative technique, which can be useful for anyone stuck in their thinking, to focus on what will have the most impact on delivery.

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