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14th June

Transform Your Customer Experience with AR: Augmented reality, or AR, is an increasingly mature technology. It has the ability to overlay the physical world with digital information, and have the two interact in real time. Pokémon Go is a famous recent example, but AR is more than a game. If used well, AR may have the capacity to deliver far-reaching strategic, service improvement and cost saving benefits. Whether in the private or public sector, AR is providing new opportunities for businesses and organisations to engage with customers, present and promote products and services, and transform processes. This month’s Innovation Day will focus on better understanding these new opportunities and will identify the real business case for AR today. Professor Mark Anderson will share with us great scenarios of how AR is already used in business and how to make AR come alive.

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Balance the Human-Computer Partnership to Enhance Creativity

10th May

In today’s world where digital tools are pervasive and ever changing, discover the tools that will help rather than hinder your creative and innovation processes at May’s Innovation Day. Computers are great at processing, storing and letting you search through huge amounts of information, but not so great, yet anyway, at empathy, emotion, and being creative without human assistance. Digital tools offer the potential to exploit a range of different media (e.g. video as well as text and pictures), or share information with people who can’t physically join a brainstorming session, but do these advantages out-weigh the potential downsides, including the time needed to learn new tools and their operational requirements. In this talk Dr Sara Jones will share some general principles that will help you to identify an appropriate balance between human and computer-based resources, and between physical and digital tools for a range of different creative and innovation contexts, and offer examples of how these can be applied in practice, to inform digital strategy in this area.

Build Resilience: Make your organisation crisis prepared, not crisis prone

12th April

Crises are becoming an integral part of organisational activities and responses to such could mean the difference between business survival and failure. Participants at April’s Innovation Day will learn how entrepreneurs respond to adverse conditions, and discuss why leaders should adopt a resilience mindset and build resources, and how they might do so.

Neuroscience of Leadership

8th March

The biggest assets of companies are their people. And the biggest assets of people are their minds. But how do we understand the ambiguity of the most complex object in the universe? How do we navigate in the dynamics of many human brains working together? March’s Innovation Day will discover new strategies to enhance collaboration, aspiration, and innovation in everyday situations, by exploring the brain (and the mind) “behind” the people of your organisation. In this session we'll learn how to design and implement an effective change strategy, how to embody transformational leadership and how to design-in space for innovation, at the brain level.

Transform your Services with Servitization

8th February

Industries are experiencing an increasing demand to provide service solutions that supplement their traditional product offerings. So far, the manufacturing industry is making strides in providing more holistic solutions, but what would a ‘solution’ look like within, for example, banking, healthcare or retail? Servitization is a fresh approach that involves looking anew at what you do, to deliver both better customer outcomes and financial sustainability. February’s Innovation Day will explore what we can learn from those that have successfully transformed their capabilities from ‘product-centric’ to ‘service-centric’ solutions, and the pathways they have taken to achieve this transformation, and how this could be applied in your organisation.

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