Posted by: Katherine Raleigh
Programme Manager on Mon 21 Aug

At this month’s Innovation Day, we welcomed back Prof Victor Newman, University of Greenwich, to introduce a new way of thinking about the future of your organisation, through an accelerated out-of-the-box thinking tool: the Predator strategy technique.

We usually start thinking about change when the thing we didn’t want to happen has just occurred. But this could be too late. Instead, organisations should start thinking ahead of their competitors.

At the Innovation Day in August, to help us prepare for what might be coming, Professor Victor Newman introduced to KnowledgeBrief clients a new strategy technique: Predator.

This technique is about visualising an attacker who has no emotions about the legacy of your business, and will go for any opportunity that is worth exploiting or developing. By becoming your own organisation’s predator, you can visualise what is just around the corner and prepare yourself for possible threats.

Key steps in the Predator exercise include:

  1. Deliberately design a smarter, predatory competitor
  2. Become that predator and ‘attack’ your own business
  3. Develop, understand and prioritise predator competitive strategies
  4. Understand the implications and design anticipative antidotes

The most powerful moment of the Predator technique is when you realise that these scenarios could become reality. It is up to you to prevent the attacks – or to do them yourself.

Professor Newman facilitated this fruitful, interactive exercise at the last Innovation Day, and helped clients understand the variations of Predator, how to develop personal strategies, and how to commit to action. If you’d like to hear more about the Predator session and how it could work for your organisation, please get in touch.

These are just some key highlights taken from August’s Innovation Day. Each month, clients of the Innovation Programmes receive a full ACT report, capturing the guest expert’s research, the implications and next steps for leaders to apply back in their team and organisation.

Next month, clients will explore how leaders can benefit from the knowledge of people in their organisation. For more information, please view the Innovation Day page.

Source: Newman, V. (2017) ‘Become a Smarter Organisation: How to Become your Own Predator’, KnowledgeBrief Innovation Day Presentation, 9 August.

By assuming something awful is going to happen, you fast track your capability of stepping out of your business and gain a new perspective.

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