Essential Training to Grow Your Small Business

You can now get the same leadership, management and customer service training as the world’s most successful companies – funded via the government apprenticeship levy.

Use the apprenticeship levy to train your team and gain globally recognised qualifications, quickly and effectively. See productivity improvements of around 73%, and additional growth of up to £310,000 each for those who achieve Chartered Manager status.*

The KnowledgeBrief solution

A Chartered Management Institute strategic partner, KnowledgeBrief’s approach offers maximum flexibility and minimum disruption using online learning alongside training days, increasing productivity while improving motivation.

Courses are focused on applying the learning to meet company goals, with monthly measurable benefits. Develop your people and build the skills to grow your business faster.

Government funding is available for 95% of the cost, making access to exceptional training available to all. The average price of a KnowledgeBrief SME programme funded this way is £10.50 per learner per month.

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How can SMEs increase their management and leadership capabilities?

Small and medium size businesses (SMEs) are the backbone of the economy, with 5.9 million UK private sector businesses contributing an estimated £2.2 trillion to GDP in 20191. Despite a 3.5% growth in the business population between 2018 and 2019, business confidence reports remain conflicting. A quick Google search for ‘2020 SME business confidence’ resulted in these two articles sitting next to each other – quite a juxtaposition.

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Diane Ware CMgr MCMI, I.Eng FIHE Avatar
My Apprenticeship through Wiltshire Council with KnowledgeBrief has enabled me to have a wider understanding of management principles. The guidance given was invaluable to enable me to obtain my chartered management qualification with Distinction.
Diane Ware CMgr MCMI, I.Eng FIHE
Principal Technical Officer (highways)
Linda Drew Avatar
Throughout the course, I was guided and supported by skilled Personal Learning Advisors and attended informative workshops. By gaining my CMI qualification in leadership & management, I have been able to advance my career to the next level in management.
Linda Drew
Beth Clarke Avatar
They are incredibly easy to work with and focus entirely on what’s required for success in your organisation and for your employees.
Beth Clarke
Director, Organisational Development — International
Ronja Torspecken Avatar
I would recommend KnowledgeBrief to any organisation looking for impactful leadership and management training.
Ronja Torspecken
People Development Manager
Dan Coxhead Avatar
In every aspect of our relationship with KnowledgeBrief, from sales to accounts and the Professional Learning Advisors, we encounter passionate and engaged people.
Dan Coxhead
Organisational Development Manager
Richard Jennings Avatar
The benefits the programme brings to you in your role, and throughout the organisation are incredibly valuable. I would recommend the Level 5 to anyone in a management or leadership position.
Richard Jennings
Site Technical Manager & Regional Head of Continuous Improvement
Andy Blackstock Avatar
It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your Leadership or Management career, a Level 3 or 5 course will make you a better leader.
Andy Blackstock
Head of Operations
Wesley Maguire Avatar
I recommend anyone who is in a management or leadership role to take the course. It’s both challenging and rewarding and can only augment your existing knowledge and skills. You will grow as a leader if you take this course.
Wesley Maguire
Agile IT Director
Wali Rahman Avatar
The Professional Learning Advisors who are our learners’ main point of contact are delightful, always happy to help, engaging and provide the right level of support and advice to ensure their success.
Wali Rahman
Organisational Development Officer
Kathryn Partington Avatar
Working with KnowledgeBrief is brilliant, it’s a true partnership approach.
Kathryn Partington
Organisational Development Assistant Apprenticeships
Emily Moor Avatar
The course has been fantastic and with the knowledge and frameworks you learn and can directly apply in your day job, you will become better at what you do.
Emily Moor
Philanthropy Manager

Skills Coaches

Making leadership accessible at all levels

KnowledgeBrief’s Skills Coaches bring a blended wealth of knowledge from both academia and business, with all PLA’s holding a formal qualification in their subject area, combined with practical business experience.

This personalised approach to Apprentice support gives your employees the opportunity to thrive within our programmes and in their role.

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