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May 2018 Apprenticeship Issue Business SCAN

Being able to get the best performance from individuals in your team and deliver overall team performance is a critical skill for managers and leaders. This month, we’re focusing on the knowledge and skills you need to get the best from the people in your team.

Managing Team and Individual Performance

Key techniques: Developing your skills and behaviours

Balanced Scorecard
Translate strategic goals into performance measures.
The Balanced Scorecard functions as a communication tool, a planning and control tool, and a strategic learning tool. It encourages managers to balance various dimensions of performance, from customer perspectives to growth measures.

Adaptation Innovation Theory
Increase collaboration within teams.
The adaptation-innovation theory was developed to determine people’s problem-solving and cognitive styles. It states that people are different in cognitive style and sit on a normally distributed continuum, ranging from highly adaptive to highly innovative.

Empowering Employees
Explore the characteristics of an empowered employee.
Organisations introduce empowerment practices for a variety of reasons including motivating staff, improving organisational commitment and increasing productivity. Empowerment means freeing employees from instructions and controls and allowing them to make decisions themselves.

Key Performance Indicators
Gain an overview of performance at individual and team levels.
Key performance indicators (KPIs) are used extensively in organisations today as tools to measure performance. They are agreed upon performance metrics designed to give managers and employees oversight of whether people are on track to meet targets and goals.

Action Point

Read these techniques to develop the skills and behaviours you need to support managing team and individual performance.

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Managing Team and Individual Performance
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